Our SynPower range of full synthetic engine oils combine industry leading technology and advanced chemistry to deliver the highest level of protection for your engine by fighting the three major causes of engine stress:

Engine oil serves to reduce friction between moving parts and dissipate heat created by the combustion process. At higher temperatures, conventional oil becomes too thin to adequately coat and protect the moving parts.

SynPower is formulated to withstand extreme temperatures and maintains a consistent viscosity for maximum power and performance from your engine even at high operating temperatures.

Engine oil is designed to capture and remove contaminants from the engine, prevent sludge and clean away potentially damaging deposits and varnish. Due to the unique structure of synthetic base fluids, harmful build-up of deposits in your engine are minimised with the advanced additive technology used in SynPower.

SynPower has advanced, more durable anti-wear additives that stay in the oil longer giving outstanding protection against friction and wear, hence lower levels of zinc are required in the engine oil these days.

Compared to conventional oils, SynPower provides superior engine cleanliness and reduces wear at high temperatures with improved viscosity stability.

SynPower offers superior cold-start protection through faster oil flow at start-up, and helps maintain fuel efficiency for the life of the oil.

SynPower flows faster to all parts of the engine due to its thinner viscosities and helps maintain fuel efficiency for the life of the oil, giving the ultimate performance and protection in all Australian climates and conditions.

SynPower is compatible with all conventional and synthetic engine oils when used with its equal performance level grade, and has excellent deposit suspension, superb piston and engine cleanliness, superior cold start and excellent high temperature performance, whilst also meeting the high performance standards and efficiency regulations required by modern engine manufacturers.

SynPower – Ultimate Performance and Protection for your vehicle now available from your local auto aftermarket store for servicing your vehicle at home.

To find the right SynPower for your vehicle, check your owner’s manual for correct oil grade and specification, and view the range below, or use the handy lube guide located in the top right menu of this web site.