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Valvoline SynPower is premium full synthetic engine oil that has been formulated specifically to meet the high performance standards and efficiency regulations required by modern engine manufacturers.

Made from quality synthetic base stocks and advanced additive technology, SynPower combines industry leading technology and advanced chemistry to deliver the ultimate in protection and performance for various driving and vehicle applications.


SynPower offers maximum performance and protection for everyday and severe driving conditions that place additional pressure on engines like high traffic stop start situations, and highway driving. There is a range of SynPower products to suit your engine type from Euro diesels, naturally aspirated, turbocharged, super charged, 4 cylinder, V6, V8, to standard petrol and diesel engines. To find which SynPower’s are suitable for everyday and high stress driving conditions, look for the FOR EVERYDAY AND HIGH STRESS logo.



Diesel vehicles fitted with Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) emission systems require engine oil that is formulated with low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur) and unique anti-wear, detergent and dispersant technology. The right oil maximises emission system protection and enhances the life of your DPF, whilst using the wrong oil can lead to the DPF becoming blocked which can cause engine problems and possibly even lead to engine seizure.
If you have a vehicle with a DPF, to find which SynPower products are for DPF vehicles, look for the FOR DPF VEHICLES logo.

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Valvoline’s SynPower range includes full synthetic products that meet fuel efficiency regulations and specifications. These fuel efficient products provide full protection whilst meeting stringent fuel efficiency demands of modern engines and provide the same superior cold start and fast flow protection that full synthetic SynPower products provide. To find which SynPower products meet Fuel Efficient specifications, look for the FUEL EFFICIENT logo.


Valvoline’s SynPower range has products that are perfect for street and track conditions. Designed for high performance vehicles and engines using alcohol fuels, Valvoline have now brought their full synthetic offering to a retail pack so the engineering benefits of their formulation can be utilised by enthusiasts and professionals alike. To find which SynPower products are suitable for street and track conditions, look for the CHECKERED FLAG logo.



Valvoline’s SynPower full synthetic range is formulated with advanced additives to provide better engine protection than conventional oil. These additives are varied in each formulation to meet specific engine manufacturer requirements. Within the range, there are SynPower products that have been designed to meet specific engine manufacturer’s requirements for long drain interval capabilities. This means that the engine oil is designed to last longer without compromising performance. To find out which SynPower has long drain capabilities and whether it is suitable for your vehicle, look for the LONG LIFE logo indicating long drain intervals and check your owner’s manual book for recommended specifications and oil change intervals.


To find the SynPower that matches your driving and vehicle application, we have an easy to use lube guide.
Simply click on the lube guide located in the top menu or below. Enter the make and model of your vehicle, and follow the prompts.